GANJA LAW & CONSULTANTS, PLLC (“Team Ganja Law”) the chief legal counsel and consulting firm to the Oklevueha Native American Church, founded by James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney. Ganja Law & Consultants’ California offices shall be in charge of this project as well as the place of consolidation for all Church membership, regulatory and compliance protocols and procedures.  Ganja Law’s Managing California Attorney, James Kajtoch, Esq., announced that Team Ganja Law shall be working with all reservations and Church membership.   Ganja Law will be helping formulate rules, regulations, ordinances, policies and procedures for the cultivation, research, and development, transportation and sale of cannabis and hemp upon sovereign Native American land and outside-state licensed dispensaries they work with.  Attorney Kajtoch further states that Ganja Law shall help coordinate and bring all membership into full legal compliance with State laws, including any payment of outstanding membership dues and taxes while working with their sovereign entitlements.

Ganja Law’s Craig Brand, Esq., believes that an internationally recognized research hospital and pharmaceutical teaching college has been identified as a joint venture partner with the Oklevueha Native American Church.  Native American’s suffer from various chronic and congenital illnesses and ailments that certain strains of low-THC cannabis and medical grade hemp plants (containing high levels of CBD and CBG) have shown initial affirmative promise, as well as help eliminate the opioid addiction plaguing members.  This cannabis medical and research partnership shall be the first ever of its kind, and Team Ganja Law is so excited and blessed to be a part thereof.

Attorneys Brand and Kajtoch also have announced their representation of various Native American Management Companies throughout the State of California and their connection with the legal and sovereign cultivation and sale of cannabis and extracted by-product.

Cannabis has been part of traditional Native American sacrament since the late 1800’s, is culturally instilled and a legal entitlement by the act of Congress. Team Ganja Law seeks to work hand in hand with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, members of Congress and the Senate so that each parties rights are respected.