Press Secretary Sean Spicer sent shiver’s down the industry’s spine earlier today. Is the Trump Administration against Cannabis and State’s rights or simply in league with Big Pharma and intending on turning the industry over to the FDA and those who have been lurking to steal what is ours?

Team Ganja Law is presently working hard with different organizations, community ties, and sources to gain information and shed light on the Administration’s true intent. Industry organizations are currently starting to campaign and reach out to significant elected officials and other policymakers to create an effective and sustaining strategy for addressing issues relating to federal enforcement. Ganja Law and its consultants remain cautious and steadfast to any break from the Trump Administration against State Rights and cannabis legalization. It will take additional direction from the Federal Administration, and our new Attorney General’s plan of action before the truth comes out as to whether or not the regulated marijuana markets, medical or adult-use marijuana, will be affected. IF WE HAVE TO FIGHT ONCE MORE, GANJA LAW SHALL FIGHT BESIDES YOU IN THE HOPES OF CHAMPIONING OUR CAUSE.

Medical marijuana providers serve patients in need- providing relief, therapy, medicine, and ability to shed opioids and addictions. Adult-use regulated dispensaries serve adults in a broader sense. However, both means of use have been affirmatively voted for, wanted by the citizens of their states and molded into their State Constitutions. For the Trump Administration to turn against states that have legally embraced their cannabis programs and Constitutional Amendments would be going against Federalism and State’s Rights, the framework of our system.

Dear President Trump, the truth about marijuana sales is that it helps people. It provides individuals with a natural benefits, has shown to reduce Medicare prescription drug spending, cuts our ties to Big Pharma, gives us a natural choice of medicine, creates jobs and opportunities that this Country sooooo desperately needs, brings in substantial state and federal tax dollars, minimizes the black market drugs and drug cartels in general. Dear President Trump, AMERICA HAS SAID “YES.”

NCIA Press Release

Today during his daily press briefing, President Trump’s Press Secretary was asked about the Department of Justice’s approach to state-legal marijuana programs. His response implied that the Justice Department might begin increased enforcement actions on adult-use cannabis states.

In response, NCIA issued the statement below. (You can also find it on our website here.) Our team is working intently on this matter and will provide further updates as they are available.

National Cannabis Industry Association Statement on Press Secretary’s Comments Regarding Trump Administration Marijuana Policy

Washington, DC – National Cannabis Industry Association executive director Aaron Smith issued the following statement in response to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments regarding the Trump Administration’s marijuana policy in the press briefing today:

“It would be a mistake for the Department of Justice to overthrow the will of the voters and state governments who have created carefully regulated adult-use marijuana programs. It would represent a rejection of the values of economic growth, limited government, and respect for federalism that Republicans claim to embrace.

“These programs are working. Marijuana interdictions at the Mexican border are down substantially, youth use has not increased in states with legal access to cannabis, and responsible cannabis businesses are contributing tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact to their communities.

“The American people overwhelmingly support this approach. National polls show that 60% of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal for adult use. Furthermore, 71% of Americans – including majorities in both parties and every age group – oppose the federal government cracking down on these voter-supported programs.

“It was especially disappointing to hear Press Secretary Spicer refer to the opioid crisis in relation to marijuana. Science has discredited the idea that marijuana serves as any kind of gateway drug, and the addiction and death rates associated with opioids simply do not occur in any way with cannabis. In fact, scientific research increasingly shows that access to cannabis significantly decreases rates of opioid addiction and death.

“As a candidate, President Trump said on many occasions that he believed marijuana policy – both medical and adult-use – should be left to the states. When asked if he would allow his Attorney General to shut down adult-use programs like Colorado’s, he said, ‘I wouldn’t do it – no…I think it should be up to the states, absolutely.’

“Voters agree, and that should guide the administration’s policy.”

MPP Press Release

Statement From the Marijuana Policy Project Regarding White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Comments About Federal Marijuana Enforcement

A Quinnipiac poll released earlier today found 71% of U.S. voters – including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, independents, and all age groups – are opposed to the government enforcing federal prohibition laws in states where marijuana is legal for medical or adult use

WASHINGTON – The Marijuana Policy Project has issued the statement below regarding White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments about federal marijuana enforcement. A clip of the comments is available at

Earlier today, Quinnipiac University released a poll that found five out of seven U.S. voters (71%) – including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, independents, and every age group polled – oppose the government enforcing federal prohibition laws in states that have made marijuana legal for medical or adult use. It also found that 93% of voters support allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes and 59% support making it legal for all purposes. The full poll results are available at

Statement from Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project:

“The vast majority of Americans agree that the federal government has no business interfering in state marijuana laws. This administration is claiming that it values states’ rights, so we hope they will respect the rights of states to determine their marijuana policies. It is hard to imagine why anyone would want marijuana to be produced and sold by cartels and criminals rather than tightly regulated, taxpaying businesses. Mr. Spicer says there is a difference between medical and recreational marijuana, but the benefits of and the need for regulation apply equally to both.

“Mr. Spicer acknowledged that the Justice Department is currently prohibited from using funds to interfere with the implementation of state medical marijuana laws. It is critical that Congress once again includes that provision in the next budget, and we are hopeful that they will also adopt a provision that extends that principle to all state marijuana laws.”